“This is a different type of testimonial because I don’t buy Hydraulic Controls’ products or services.  I’ve been working with their senior management over the past year to provide training for their salesforce.  Being in this position I get to see things from an “inside view.”  Here’s what I’ve found:

  1. Hydraulic Controls’ employees place their customers’ needs as the number one priority.  I’ve talked with salespeople who spent half a day taking a $10 part to a customer who was harvesting, but couldn’t continue because they needed the part.  I’ve listened to their President and senior managers, their front counter employees, and everyone in-between discuss the importance of customer service and satisfaction.  They always place customer needs first.
  2. They place a huge priority and invest in technical training to make sure their employees know best how to help their customers.
  3. They’re investing in systems and processes to ensure that they do their best to meet customer needs. 

Their customer-facing employees act similarly to doctors; in their case they diagnose hydraulic system problems, prescribe the solution and then follow through.  As I said, I don’t buy Hydraulic Controls’ products or services, but if I were in the market, they would be the first organization I would go to.”

Thank you,

Rex Brown

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We have used Hydraulic Controls products and service for over 30 years; this alone is a statement of satisfaction. The Hydraulic Controls team works well together and has made sure over the years that we are always taken care of. They have helped us to grow with their innovative help in developing new and better products. They have been a very important part of the functioning of our business.

Thank you, Hydraulic Controls!

Darren DeGraw

Vice President,
Cleasby Manufacturing of Utah, Inc.


I have been working with Dave Ochsner of Hydraulic Controls over the past several years. He has been consistently effective in meeting our hydraulic components needs, and his knowledge of hydraulics and how they work is extraordinary. He has been able to provide invaluable application support as we design new systems or redesign some that we have had trouble with. Not only is he highly respected in the Farming Division at Paramount Citrus, but he has been the go-to guy in our state-of-the art packing facilities when problems arise.

The most recent project that Dave has been helping us with is our Brush Shredder. We have followed his recommendations on providing the Poclain Smart Drive system that propels the unit, and all of the general hydraulic needs for the project. He has helped engineer our total hydraulic system on this project along with helping us source other items that HCI offers. Dave visits our shops at least weekly and sometimes more often, so we can count on him for our immediate needs. I have recommended Dave to other farms and our other Paramount Divisions when they have hydraulic needs or power systems help.

David Armas

Director, Spray Division
Paramount Citrus, LLC


We have been working with Rick Solomon and the Hydraulic Controls team in Salt Lake City since the early 1980s and they have consistently provided excellent service and parts. HCI represents a wide range of manufacturers that provide the quality of products we need for our ski lift systems. Over the years, we have been tempted by other suppliers’ salesmen to give them a chance, and occasionally we have done that. In every case, the service has been marginal and we ended up spending more money sorting out the errors from wrong parts delivered and new vendor relationships than we might have saved on less expensive components.

Just as important, Hydraulic Controls has been there for us when we needed hydraulic system application help, quick delivery of parts, subsystem production, or testing and troubleshooting in the field. Their expertise has been invaluable in solving problems as we have created new designs and improved our existing products. And they go the extra mile—every time. Getting me parts overnight to get the lift system at Stone Mountain to work was a great example of their expertise and service. I also remember a fiasco we had with a competitive hydraulic distributor when we tried to use them for a hydrostatic drive. The fittings and hoses didn't fit and we had to wait multiple times for them to get new ones before we could even plumb the system in the field—and even once we got it plumbed, it still didn’t work correctly. Rick had to come up and make it work for them.  

Thank you, Rick and the entire staff at Hydraulic Controls. We really appreciate all you have done for us over so many years.

Paul Ehlert, P.E.

Senior Design Engineer
Doppelmayr USA, Inc.