Birdon, an Australian marine engineering firm, recently celebrated the delivery of their 100th Bridge Erection Boat (BEB) for the US Army. These next-generation bridge-building boats manufactured in Denver, CO are used to construct strategic floating pontoon bridges for mobile armored units. What started out as Steve Lewis’s helping a customer with a hose and a few fittings has flourished into a full partnership between HCI and Birdon where we provide exceptional value from design support, testing and troubleshooting to supply chain management. In addition to supplying product for the BEBs, the Denver staff helps the NAMjet division of Birdon with their iNAV steering system, which uses Rexroth’s A10 and ED4-P technologies. Among the notable guests at this celebration were local, state, and pentagon officials, as well as HCI luminaries Bill Beets, Wes Thompson, Aaron Piper, and Stephen Lewis.