Powered Hinges Move Bins!

Helac’s “Powered Hinge” is the centerpiece in a GWI design engineered to solve two recurring snags in the food processing industry. GWI’s bin dumper now allows a load to be moved easily over-center, which ensures that bins can now be completely emptied of product.

Traditional single-set cylinder designs are normally limited in rotation, which often prevents bins with clumpy or sticky product from being fully emptied. Additionally, cylinders are a high maintenance item in these environments because their rods are exposed to particulate that can be drawn into the hydraulic system, normally resulting in leaking rod seals. Helac’s rotary actuator solves both problems.

HCI Has Heart

This summer California suffered from many wildfires; the Carr Fire in particular hit close to home – in Redding. Thankfully, none of our Redding branch employees lost their homes, but their small community experienced unprecedented devastation and will need plenty of courage and resources to rebuild.

New Website

HCI recently launched a fresh website designed to communicate our capabilities, promote our vendors, and effectively guide our customers to fluid power solutions.

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